Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What color is your Kool-Aid?

When I heard Obama was in Chicago last weekend, playing ball and meeting friends while Congress debated a crucially important bill, my reaction wasn't negative. Instead, I thought, well sure: "Everyone needs a break. And besides its the weekend."

I rather doubt Republicans responded similarly; likewise, I opposed Bush's frequent trips to the fake ranch during his 8 years in office. In responce, the 30 percenters told me how hard the president worked, and how modern communication made it possible for someone to work effectivly from anywhere. Some of those same 30 percenters are today criticizing the trip to Chicago, just as I once complained about the frequent trips to Crawford. Interesting how that works, no?

(To clarify, following a query in the comments, this post is just a comment on how the mind works. I think we're all in the grips of it.)

(And while we're on the topic of the fake ranch, does anyone else wonder why W. retired to a nice house in Dallas, rather than to his "beloved" Crawford spread?)

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