Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Should Jewish men shave?

Via Voldermort, I see someone with mad Internet skills has assembled and posted a collection of anti-shaving rulings, advertisements and polemics.

A sampling: [Ransom-note capitalization style SIC]

I only have two impertinent questions:

(1) Why is the creator of this site so angry about clean-shaven men? Are the absence of beards really the greatest crisis facing Jews and Judaism? Does the site creator also have a website dedicated to rabbinic sources which decry child abuse, or dishonesty and fraud? (Are there rabbinic sources which decry dishonesty and fraud?) (there must be, right?)

(2) Isn't the Internet verboten? Many of the same names he cites on his page have also said "sharp words" about blogs and websites. If the author received a rabbinic dispensation for his online war against shaving machines, he doesn't say. (I suppose he's entitled to the benefit of the doubt, but clean-shaven men are, too)

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