Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A great day in the history of the blogosphere

Along with the self-publication of my book, and the Beijing Olympics the other important thing happening this week in the world is the first ever J-blogger convention, sponsored by Nefesh b'Nefesh. It starts at 10:30 NY time, and the web broadcast is already running (currently its mostly overweight Jewish techie types testing microphones) The panelists are largely bloggers who don't like me and have said bad things about me but I am certain there's good potential for some interesting conversation and clever background mockery in the comment threads and chat rooms. Also, the Nefesh b'Nefesh people were nice enough to invite me to participate. So, I hope you'll take a look.

May I also propose a convention drinking game? (those of us on the East Coast can use coffee).

Here's what you do:

What to do

When to do it

Drink once......when someone says Israel (twice if its Gil, three times if he cries)
Drink twice and moan......if someone calls W "Israel's best friend ever"
Drink once...... if someone thanks "the little people."
Drink once and cheer......if someone asks a question that catches Gil in a kfirah trap.
Drink once and duck......if that vein on Trep's neck starts to throb.
Drink once and check for messiah......if anyone mentions my name
Drink twice and reach for your credit card.....when my book gets mentioned.
Put down your drink and head for the toilet......if a positive word is spared for YeshivaWorld or Cross Currents.
Drink and complain to your local godol......if the camera-man "accidently" catches any hot blogger girls
Drink and make angry faces......if anyone conflates being "pro-Israel" with being "pro Likud" or "pro killing Arabs."
Drink and give a long, low, wolf-whistle...if RenReb, Tik, or OM get mentioned.
Drink and spit up a little in your mouth......if any of the comfortable, visiting Americans start pontificating on "What Israel should do"
Drink and shut of your computer......if Frum Satire's set lasts more than 7 minutes.
Drink and buy a lottery ticket.....if anyone says "I really enjoy the writings of Chaim Bray."

Buy my book!!

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