Sunday, April 06, 2014

What did Tom Friedman do wrong this time?

I'm doing my best to understand why some people I admire are mad about Tom Friedman's new article about Sheldon Adelson. It's not the greatest piece of analysis ever written, and I agree parts of it are lazy and bad. But why the uproar? In a nutshell this is what Tom says:
  1. Adelson loves Israel.
  2. Iran hates Israel
  3. Iran is doing nothing to help the Palestinians because Iran wants them angry, restless, unsettled and a constant thorn in Israel's side. 
  4. Adelson, out of his aggressive, jingoistic love for Israel is using his money to encourage politicians to employ rhetoric and embrace policies that, in Friedmans view, also will ensure that the Palestinians remain a restless, angry, thorn in Israel's side forever.
  5. This, likely, please the Ayatollahs. 
Agree or disagree with the reasoning the argument contains no violations of the official Zionist rules on things you're allowed to say and think about Israel. So why are so many Zionist watchdogs up in arms?

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