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Yair Hoffman thinks quack medical treatments should be legal in New York

Op-Ed: We Are Under Attack by the LGBTPed Community
Yeshiva World ^ | January 15, 2014 | Rabbi Yair Hoffman

Now, that's a scary headline. We're under attack? Do they gays even have an army? 

And HOLY HATE SPEECH BATMAN the guy who decided that (a) the pedophiles have a community and that (b) it has anything in common with the actual LGBT community needs to be taken to the public square for a painful hiding.

It is said that Machiavelli was the first to recommend it, but the old adage of “the best defense is a good offense” has been adapted wholesale by the LGBTPed community, and New York State is next.

Last year, gay rights advocates succeeded in convincing Republican Governor Chris Christie to ban therapies that redirect those who are struggling with unhealthy physical attractions toward healthier options. The legislation banning redirection through treatment sessions actually passed in New Jersey as well as California.

Conversion therapy has been banned for the same reason leeches and bloodletting have been banned. They have  all been proven to not only be ineffective, but also psychologically damaging. Why does Yair Hoffman want to subject minors to a treatment protocol that doesn't work and has been proven, based on data, to be harmful? 

A bill first introduced last year by Senator Brad Hoylman, a Manhattan Democrat, was just reintroduced in the New York State legislature with new amendments. Our Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is the one who introduced anti-Leviticus marriage ceremonies in this state and is quite likely to advocate passage of this bill.

Anti- Leviticus marriage ceremonies!! Now that's my choice for euphemism of the year. Only -- oops - anti-Leviticus marriage ceremonies have been permitted in New York since the beginning of time. The Indians didn't say "ha-rey at" or use a Ketubah, nor did the protestants or the Catholics who later arrived in New York with their foul anti-leviticus practices which, by the way,  include lobster eating.

In previous decades, Rabbi Moshe Sherer z”l, leader of the Agudath Israel of America organization, made sure to develop strong ties with the Roman Catholic and other Christian communities to assist in ensuring that the mutual interests, needs and goals of these communities be met.

And as anyone intelligent would have pointed out, such a program was counterproductive to true Jewish values. Abortion and birth control, for instance, are permitted to Jews under various circumstances. So what possible common cause can be created with a church that believes that neither are permitted under any circumstances? How can a Jew lobby in good faith lobby for abortion to be banned when he knows a day might  come when one of his own loved ones might need - or might even be religiously required -  to avail herself of a halachically permitted abortion?

About the only position I can come up with that the Orthodox Jewish establishment and the Catholic Church fully agree on is this idea that the pedophiles their organizations inadvertently employed should not be brought to trial. And that's not something to brag about either.

 Unfortunately, we do not see that these relationships and ties have been kept up. This is most unfortunate, because if this legislation passes, it will seriously undermine religious freedoms in this state.

Of course, they've been kept up. The OU and Agudah move in lockstep with the churches and Focus on the Family morons on any number of different issues.

The state Senate is dominated by Republicans, but the fact that a Republican governor in New Jersey acquiesced to this type of legislation is somewhat ominous. Ironically, “Bridgegate” may work in our favor, dampening the inertia of what the Republican governor allowed.


Sorry But yeah, it makes perfect sense that the New York State Senate will decide that quack medicine that has been proven to be harmful should be allowed in New York due to bridgate. Logic at its finest.

The LGBTPed community is in high gear and it appears that the religious communities are way behind the eight-ball.

Our organizations such as Agudath Israel, the Orthodox Union and National Council of Young Israel should be working with those who are actively lobbying against it, such as the Rev. Jason McGuire, president of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation and the Roman Catholic Church. Those of us who live in Long Island should contact Dean Skelos who has still not weighed in on the issue and express our outrage.

Yeah, guys please express your outrage. Here's a sample script you can use at no charge: 
Hello, Mr. Skelos, yeah I want you to know I am really and totally outraged that you guys in the Assembly are about to outlaw a treatment that doesn't work and has been proven to be psychologically damaging. I firmly believe that quack medicine that actually hurts people should be used in New York State and... um...  hello? hello?
As of this writing, not one of our Torah organizations has issued a statement on the New York State bill. 

According to the principles of daas torah, this means the bill is correct, and that we should obey our gedolim and support it, right? HOW DARE YAIR HOFFMAN TAKE A POSITION CONTRARY TO OUR RABBIS!?!?!?

The bill, in essence, deprives both minors and therapists the freedom of seeking out therapies that will encourage redirection for those struggling with unhealthy physical attractions. This is a direct assault on religious freedoms in this state by the LGBTPed community, and we must put in an all-out effort to quash this bill. 

I note that we've reached the end of your article, but still no word on how the gays are attacking us.

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