Monday, January 13, 2014

RWers now lying about Obama. Surprise!

Here's today's RW lie, with the debunking you need to avoid sounding like an easily deceived tool:
On January 10, the conservative Media Research Center (MRC) released a report that attacked the media for that coverage by claiming that ABC, CBS, and NBC had given "a staggering 88 minutes to the story" but "over the last six months have allowed a scant two minutes for the latest on Barack Obama's Internal Revenue Service scandal."
Only -- OOPS -- as people who care about the truth have noted the IRS scandal was not "Obama's scandal" and it started not 6 months ago, but 8 months ago, and there was loads of coverage.

See here for graphs, stats and more:

Don't let the headline deceive you. There was no underreporting of the scandal when it initially broke, just of the resolution which cleared Obama and, of course, didn't get into the paper.

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