Thursday, January 09, 2014

Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz has lost his mind

It's finally happened. Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz of the Yated has absolutely lost his mind. For proof look at the little poem he wrote to protest the New York Post

Those morons have said far worse things about black people, for example, but one little comment about a slumlord (who happened to be Jewish, but that wasn't the reason the Post thought people wanted him dead) and suddenly its 1940? Give me a freaking break

Full text after the jump (but you really shouldn't miss the graphic work that accompanied the original)

I look at the picture of his face,
And see his smile.
I hear his children saying Kaddish.
And his father.
Overwhelmed with grief,

Wife, 7 children,
Awash in tears.
Communities around the world

A young life cut down,
Giving, loving,
Holy soul,
Snuffed out.

I look at the front page of the paper. [DB: The same front page with the picture you just praised?]
I see mean,
Screaming loudly to the city and 
world. [DB: Hatred of slumlords, certainly. Of Jews? Unclear.]

I think back to 
Trotsky, Lenin; Stalin.

DB: TROTSKY WAS A JEW but as @azigra said, What? No Obama?

All the way back in time.
Until this very day.
Who hasn’t wanted to see us dead 
and buried? [DB: Lots of people.]
Jewish blood has always been cheap,
Nobody cared when they came after 
[DB: Nobody is a big word. Some people cared.]

We’ve been burnt at the marketplace.
Given up for dead.

Yet here we are,

They can’t stand it.
They can’t stand us.

We are alive.
Where are they?
Ferdinand, Isabella.

[DB: If they aren't alive anymore, why the paranoid poem? Did we win, or did we lose? If you're still so frightened the ghosts, at least, of Hitler and Titus must be alive and well so why so triumphant?]
Why, they ask, are the Jews titans 
of industry and commerce?
Real estate, stocks and bonds?
Why do they have influence?
Why aren’t they dead?
They are all cheaters.

They are all liars.
Underworld cut-throats.
They poisoned the wells,
They killed our babies,
For matzos.
They froze us in the winter,
Boiled us in the summer.

The Jews.
It’s all their fault.
The rotten,

Till today they wonder
How to get rid of us.

[DB: As far as any-Jewish genocide plots go, an anti slumlord headline is pretty pathetic, no?]

They cover their hate with smiles,
Feigned ignorance,
And legal shenanigans.
“We love the Jews,” they say.
Sure, just as Paroh did.
All types of charges,

The Jews, they say, don’t care about 
Abuse victims. 

[DB: Any Jew knows there is truth, too much truth, to the allegations in this paragraph. We really don't care about zoning violations at all, and we've done a lousy job defending abuse victims.]
They kill their baby boys,
To satisfy an ancient rite.

They rob, cheat and steal. 
They can’t be trusted,
Disloyal citizens.
They control the banks,
The press,

But not the Post.

We thought it was different here.
America is not Russia,
Or Germany,
France or Rome.

It’s not, [DB: Its not Germany, France or Rome. So then it is different here?]
But the hatred is here as well.
The quiet murmurs,
And tricks.

We need reminders,
From time to time.

[DB: If we need reminders why are you so bent out of shape about getting one? You remind me of the lunatic christians who are simultaneously thrilled to death that Jesus died for their sins and pissed at us for helping that happen]

Don’t get complacent.
Don’t get too comfortable.
Remember we’re not home, [DB: So the allegation about us being disloyal citizens is actually true?]
We’re far away,
On a comfortable bench,
In a nice park.

We pine for geulah,

Uva leTzion goel. 

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