Monday, July 29, 2013

Typical Fox Stupidity...

In this clip, Lauren Green, the Fox correspondent, seems entirely unable to accept that a Muslim might have something important, interesting and true to say about Christianity. Instead, she takes it for granted that the man has an agenda, and refuses to adjust this position even after being told that that he has four degrees,a Ph.D in religion. fluency in biblical Greek, a Christian wife and mother, 20 years of academic experience and opinions that don't coincide with Islamic teachings.

This sort of extreme skepticism is silly, of course, but we'd feel better about it if Fox applied it consistently. But when Jews and Christians appear on Fox to discuss the nature of Islam everyone nods and claps. Daniel Pipes, Ann Coulter and other non-Muslims have all appeared on Fox and made negative comments about Islam. Has anyone at Fox ever suggested that their faith might be negatively affecting the quality of their commentary?

Bonus stupidity: Lauren Green misuses the phrases begs the question.

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