Monday, July 08, 2013

Report: "You Cant Even Argue, its Like, Straight Out [in the Torah]" says Your Son in Israeli Yeshiva About Women wearing tefillin

by @azigra

The sun rose today, Women of the Wall came to the Kotel to pray on the New Month, and tens or hundreds of bored, unemployed, ignorant yeshiva boys and girls came to fight with a group of women.

The politics and halacha of the matter have both already been discussed here so I am not going to write about that.

Here is a 16 minute of this morning's events and the most cringe-worthy part can be found at 7:30 when we see a yeshiva kid argue about the "rights" of women to wear tefillin.

The budding Torah scholar has to have someone explain to him what Talmud is all about, ie the extrapolation of Biblical texts but from all his time spent in the Mir coffee room he hasn't picked up on that. He argues that they go and check "Perek Shira" where the Mesora of rabbi to rabbi from Moses can be found........and therefore:

"The Gidoylim of our Dor said its right for a man to wear tefillin not for a lady to wear tefillin, so I dont know why that's not from God." Later, he says "You cant even argue...its like straight out [in the toyrah]."

His next brilliant argument, which he can make after so many years of having his mind trained and sharpened by talmud study argues:

"If someone walked in[to the kotel plaza] with a pig......its the same exact thing.....if someone walked in holding a pig which is the worst thing, the most traif thing, it is the exact same thing of a lady walking in wearing tefillin, they are both issur (sic) in the torah.......I have a right to stop them."

"What if i decided I want to slaughter a pig to honor God? That's exactly what they are doing. So tell me, what's the difference between me slaughtering a pig at the kotel and them wearing tefillin."

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