Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Idiot of the day: 4 reasons

Today's idiot is Yitzchak Pindrus. Here's why:
Yitzhak Pindrus of UTJ, another deputy mayor and member of the Jerusalem Municipal Council, also criticized the Women of the Wall saying that “in these days, when the Jewish people are mourning the destruction of the Temple, we will not allow the desecration of the last remnants of the Western Wall.”
Reason #1 why he's an idiot: Women of the Wall aren't "destroying" the Wall in any literal, metaphorical,  or metaphysical sense. They are just trying to daven in a manner recognized and permitted by many rishonim. They aren't doing any more to disturb the sanctity of the place then the tourists and Christians.

Reason #2 why he's an idiot: The Kotel isn't the last remnant of the Western Wall. Other remnants include this and this. You'd think a deputy mayor would be aware of the contents of his own city.

If the big, presumably fat, deputy mayor doesn't want to be in the same zip code as women who wear talitot, he has other Western Wall places he can go, and both of those Western Wall places are closer to the kodesh hakedoshim and therefore superior places to pray, in the eyes of both law and tradition.

But by objecting to women in talitot so forcefully he has alreadhy shown how much he cares for law and tradition.
Pindrus continued, saying “baseless hatred caused the greatest destruction to befall our people, and we will not let a small group of agitators continue to polarize with provocations and baseless hatred.”
Reason #3 why he's an idiot: The Women of the Wall aren't the perptrators of baseless hatred. They are its victims

Reason #4 why he's an idiot:  A bunch of women who merely wish to pray are accused of "provocations" and "baseless hatred" and, as a result, their viscious mistreatment becomes justified? Paging Orwell, please.  This is the exact same thing as blaming the victims of bullies for antagonizing their harrasers. He's saying "If only you were a little meeker, and walked with your shoulders a bit more hunched, we wouldn't give you so many wedgies."

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