Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Not Even Close Buddy

 by @azigra

It gives me immense pleasure to report that Prime Grill, Manhattan's premier kosher restaurant for frum douchebags (fruchebags) did not make it onto New York Magazine's ranking of NYC's 101 best restaurants. No longer can these people of indiscriminate taste boast that their dietary restrictions do not prevent them from eating some of Manhattan's best cuts of dry-aged steak. No longer can they believe they are treating their gentile business associate to a lunch on par with anything else he or she could order at Gramercy Tavern or Momofuku. 

This shocking-to-few news comes mere weeks after a conversation I had with an associate at a major Manhattan law firm at a closing we both attended. This attorney, a man with no heavenly imposed restrictions on what he may consume, lamented the state of kosher restaurants in New York City, many of which he has eaten in whilst meeting with his religious clientele. His main gripe was with Prime Grill in particular because of the reputation it holds among his kosher friends. In his words, "when all you have to compare it to is other bad restaurants, of course you'll think its something special."

To my delight he said his favorite kosher restaurant was the one that happens to be my favorite as well, Mike's Bistro. Here's one for the underdog! 


Upper West Side Mom said...

I 100% agree with you. I used to be a restaurant manager/waitress at really good non kosher estaurants. Most kosher restaurants would not last a month if they were not kosher. I am so grateful for Mikes Bistro and Mikes Italian Kitchen.

I also really like Les Marais. They actually own a non kosher restaurant called Les Halles that I used to eat at before I became kosher. Their French fries were actually on a list in NY Magazine as being the best French fries in NY about 10 years ago.

Upper West Side Mom said...

I meant that les Marais' French fries were on the list as the best French fries in NYC,