Monday, January 30, 2012

Life Coaching in Boro Park, via the New York Times

The Times today had a piece on Life Coaching that seems to me to have been written with a bit of a sneer. The problem isn't with Coaching per se,  but with the tender age of the current crop of Coaches. The title question asks "Should a Life Coach Have a Life First?" and indeed the author - 34 year old Spencer Morgan - seems astounded that anyone might take a young person's advice.

Oddly enough, the article also devotes three paragraphs to a Jewish coach from Boro Park:
Last February, Chanie Messinger, 20, a psychology major at Brooklyn College, decided to augment her workload by enrolling in an online Torah-based professional life coach degree program she discovered while flipping through The Jewish Press on the bus ride home to Borough Park, where she lives with her mother. She has since built a base of 10 clients, including a 48-year-old woman who, until recently, was living in denial of the fact that she has diabetes.

“It was a very difficult breakthrough for her, she was crying,” Ms. Messinger, who charges from $25 to $75 an hour, recalled of a recent session with the client. “I just made her aware of more options, like maybe you can try Splenda.”

Ms. Messinger said she had recently completed the 80 hours of live coaching required by the Refuah Institute, which is based in Israel, with an office in Brooklyn. She has also invested in a profile on (meant to conjure “new me”), a centralized online coach directory where coaches pay as little as $19 to advertise their services, in the hope that potential clients find their bios, fees and picture most suitable to their own needs

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