Monday, July 20, 2009

What's in a name?

A camp counselor who worked at a program run at a Lakewood private school has been arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted a young boy.

Yosef A. Kolko, 33, of Gefen Drive, Lakewood, who worked as a camp counselor at Yachad, a summer camp based out of Bais Hatorah School on Swathmore Drive, was arrested Sunday, authorities said.
Our insiders say this Kolko is a nephew to the other Kolko, the one noted and self proclaimed godol Lippy Margolis protected for twenty years.

What kind of 33 year old works as a counselor? And aren't Yachad kids developmentally disabled? So this sicko was preying on the weakest and most vilnerable? Disgusting.

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