Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here we go again...

Collected on the Internet (my comment thread, in fact)

And there has never been a better friend [to Israel] than [John Sidney] McCain.

Oh boy, here we go again... wasn't it just 4 years ago you dopes told us that the shrub, despite being pro-peace plan, and pro-Palestinian state, "was Israel's best friend ever." Don't you jokers ever get tired of being wrong?

Now fact is, McCain wouldn't be bad for Israel, and neither would Obama because (NEWSFLASH) Israel is strategically important to the US, and every one knows it. That (NEWSFLASH) is why every president supports Israel. Not because they love Jews, or because they are afraid of AIPAC, or because they are God's agent on earth but because supporting Israel is good for America.

And Obama knows it just as well as McCain knows it.

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