Friday, February 15, 2008

Here we go with another Dovbear contest

My friend, and former team-mate, the scintillating Ms. Enigma tells us that Freakonomics is hosting a contest for a six-word-motto for the US and A.

The best ones so far include:

  • Luckily, our parents left your country
  • Let Freedom Ring (void where prohibited.)

  • (This deliciously insiduous idea evolved from a serious effort by the British Parliment, to reduce the essence of being British into a motto, which was satirized by a motto-writing contest sponsored by The Times of London. Great entries included "Once Mighty Empire, Slightly Used" and "No Motto Please, We’re British")

    Anyway, its Friday, and I have nothing better to do, so let's have a go at this ourselves. Submit a motto for Orthodox Judaism, using as many words as you like. If the blog's Board of Governers (ie: Me, Cousin Oliver and RenReb) find one we like best, we'll reward the author with a mention, a link and whatever else we can pull together.

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