Thursday, August 04, 2005

Free advice from DovBear

The new fad in my neighborhood, and neighborhoods like it is Tehillim. Woman of all ages gather once, twice, even three or four times per week, to complete the book of Pslams. There's even a new tehillim website (hat-tip Mis-Nagid) with a question for women posted prominently on the home page: Have you said your tehillim today?

Well, I have my own, snoopy, question for all the women flocking to this site and to the Tehillim cicrles: Have you davened today?

Woman have no obligation to say Psalms, but they do have an obligation to pray. According to most authorities, this obligation is equal to the obligation that men have, and therefore, woman must pray "amida" in the morning and afternoon ("Shacharit" and "Mincha")

My hunch, is that most of the woman dedicating themselves to Tehillim are neglecting this obligation, which is a shame because the reward for a mandatory obligation is greater than the reward for a voluntary obligation.

If the Tehillim-sayers, truly wish to do the most good --for themselves and for the object of their prayers-- they should add shachris and mincha to their daily exertions. And if the choice is tehillim or tefilla, they should skip the tehillim and just daven.