Sunday, April 03, 2005

Putting a finer point on my Pope posts

My previous two posts aren't meant to denigrate the pope, or to suggest that any of the anti-Semitic seeming events I keep harping on represent the sum total of his accomplishments.

As Mishe Potemkin put it: "He expended a lot of effort toward removing a brutal form of tyranny that had disrupted the lives of millions. That was a good thing." Mea achuz, Moshe.

Unfortunately it doesn't take much to be a great pope; so many of them were perfectly lousy. Is it wise to judge JP II against other popes? Shouldn't we be judging him against other men? Also, it's just not in my nature to uncritically accept this abundant praise. And the idea that we should apprciate JP II simply for ommitting to hate us really gets my back up.

The purpose of these posts is to balance the abundent praise and to provide some perspective.

The anti-Semitic-seeming events I keep harping on

Beautifying Pius ix and attempting to beatify Pius xii
His jaw-dropping comments on the death of Arafat
Cannonizing Edith Stein
The offensively insincere and criminally dishonest "We Remember: A reflection on the Shoah"