Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why Orlando isn't 9/11

People keep asking me why it's different this time. Why did the terrorist attacks of 2001 bring us together while last weekend's attack seems to be driving us further apart. What changed?  Three things...

1) Gays were not the 9/11 victims and too many of you stop thinking like rational, compassionate human beings when gays are involved.

2) We're in a rankoreous, partisan season.

3) Back in 2001 Democrats, including me, were willing to trust the president. The miserable failure bit us all on the ass with his lies, shoot from the hip decisions, and poorly executed wars but that all came later. In September 2001 we were willing to stand with Bush and let him lead. For all their talk about decorum and patriotism Republicans have never extended this simple courtesy to Obama.

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