Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Carter and Apartheid

You psychologists in the audience can attempt to tease out the underlying cause, but I like to correct people when they are unmistakably wrong. And while the conventional wisdom might be that "DovBear always picks on Haredim," the truth is I'll go to toe to toe with anyone who is wrong. Case in point: On Twitter, the very famous journalist, Yvonne Ridley, is attacking Israel for its treatment of Palestinians. It's apartheid, she says.

I rose in Israel's defense, and was told by the famous journalist: "US President Carter called it as he personally saw & experienced it: an Apartheid State."

Only not so fast. As Carter has made abundantly clear HE DOES NOT THINK ISRAEL IS AN APARTHEID STATE. Here is his actual quote, which I've also attached as an image you should feel free to share with other idiots who misuse Carter's words. (and I mean Leftwingers like Yvonne, but also Rightwingers who wrongly criticize Carter for condemning Israel when he did nothing of the sort.
"It's not Israel. The book has nothing to do with what's going on inside Israel which is a wonderful democracy, you know, where everyone has guaranteed equal rights and where, under the law, Arabs and Jews who are Israelis have the same privileges about Israel. That's been most of the controversy because people assume it's about Israel. It's not. 
"I've never alleged that the framework of apartheid existed within Israel at all, and that what does exist in the West Bank is based on trying to take Palestinian land and not on racism. So it was a very clear distinction."

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