Friday, August 28, 2015

Trump Watch: Stupid Jewish Press Ad.

And to think, just a few weeks ago we read about how the nations will admire Jewish wisdom and understanding (Deuteronomy 4:6)

Virtually everything about this ad offends me. Let's go in order.

1) Lest we forget, Obama is also guaranteeing he's stopped Iran's nukes. Now fair-minded people can argue about which approach is more likely to work, but to suggest that Obama isn't committed to keeping Iran from getting nuclear weapons is just unfair. (I happen to think that Trump's approach will enrage, not mollify, the mullahs.)

2) Oh, he supports traditional marriage does he? Does that mean multiple wives? Concubines? According to the Bible all of that was "traditional." So stop with the codes. What the ad is trying to say is that Trump is against GAY MARRIAGE which is another way of saying that he's in favor of second-class citizenship for a whole class of people. As Jews, we should say no to that. First he came for the gays, etc, etc.

Also, it's kind of dumb for Jews to whine and complain about changes to civil marriage, in that we don't recognize it as binding or legitimate in any way shape or form. To us, marriage is nesuin and kedushin. Nothing else. And no one is trying to change that.

3) No, he won't. Don't be stupid. Trump is not going to overrule the whole judicial system and free someone just because.

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