Friday, August 28, 2015


Nailing the YWN editorial staff for hypocrisy or failing to live up to their own standards is like shooting fish in a barrel. Nonetheless..
And now that the topic is on the table, let me say a few words about Al Sharpton. I think he's a rodeo clown, who brings only distraction, and not substance, to important conversations. And the idea that he enjoys left-wing support is a slander that must be defeated. Consider the following:

When he last ran for president,  Al Sharpton took less than 1 percent of the total votes, scoring less than 30 votes [thirty: not a misprint] in Maine and North Dakota, and ZERO [not a misprint] in Hawaii and Idaho.

He also lost the black vote in virtually every Democratic primary and caucus. As TNR told it back in 2004: "In New York, Sharpton's home state, Kerry beat him among black voters by 30 points; in California, he beat him by 49 points; in Georgia, he beat him by 51 points; in Virginia, he beat him by 52 points; and, in Maryland, he beat him by 55 points. And Kerry doesn't even have a particularly strong connection to the black community."

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