Thursday, July 16, 2015

Matos isn't very PC

I promise to build this out in greater detail later tonight or tomorrow, but for now I just want to drop the intellectual hand grenade and see what sort of damage it does.

In Matot - this week's parsha - we have two sets of passages that ought to offend any ethically sensitive person. I'm speaking first of the right given to husbands and fathers to annul any vows made by their wives and daughters and second of the commandment to exercise religious genocide upon the Midianites.

Both smack of Saudi Arabia.  Women are infants who can't take on any commitment absent some superior man's approval and the attack on Midian is nothing if not genocide. Square this with Judaism, if you can.

Like I said, I will say more later, but for now you're invited to react to the verses I've referenced.

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