Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Black people sound like Jews today

I'll have a few words about the horrific Paris attack in a bit, but first a few words about the horrific Colorado attack.

What's that?

You didn't know that yesterday an NAACP office in Colorado was attacked with a bomb? Well, there are a few possible reasons for that:

1) You get all your news from CSPAN. As the perpetrator was not Muslim, our congressmen had no reason to say or do anything.

2) You get all your news from FOX. As the station has not yet found a way to blame the attackon Obama, they aren't covering it.

3) You get all your news from the New York Times, and the story merited only one paragraph on A13

So yeah, black people sound like Jews today. They are wondering out loud why an attack on one of their institutions was ignored by the mainstream media, which is what Jews do whenever there is any kind of terrorist attack in Israel.

Please learn the appropriate lessons, guys.

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