Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Smoking and sports are similar how?

Several weeks after Frimet Goldberger's piece about the glories of Satmar girl camp appeared in the Forward, the New York Times has an article on the majesty and wonder of Satmar boy camp.
In case you're curious, the majesty and wonder of Satmar boy camp consists mainly of hours of Torah study with a few breaks for swimming and some Frisbee on weed-covered lawns.

Why don't they play sports at Satmar boy camp? Easy. Because sports are like smoking:

“It’s like smoking, you get more and more addicted,” Yoel Landau, the camp manager, explained of the power of sporting activities.
Only to the best of my knowledge, Satmar has not done much of anything to stamp out smoking. Their war on sports has been far more successful.

HT: Azi Graeber

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