Thursday, August 14, 2014

B v O on I

What's going to happen when a real anti-Israel president like Rand Paul, a Republican, takes office? You think he'll just chuckle and, like Obama, reach for his checkbook every time Netanyahu mistreats him or one of his deputies?

And while we're discussing GOP Jewish delusions, perhaps someone can help me with this chronic question.

I, honestly, don't see any real difference between Obama and Bush when it comes to Israel-- except Obama provides more money and more weapons. Both provided Israel with  massive amounts of funding, but both called for settlement freezes and urged Israel to demonstrate restraint. (Bush also was first to call for a two state solution, and championed the Road Map.)

Yet, the GOP Jews remain convinced that Obama is destroying Israel while Bush was Israel's best friend. What's the reason for this inconsistency?

-- I don't have very high hopes for this dialog. I bet 10 dollars the GOP Jewish answer will consist entirely of hyperbole, nonsense about tone or the "way he talks" or what he "really means" and the endless stream of false facts.

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