Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shooting off your gun isn't "talking"

Tomorrow morning I shall add the following benediction to my usual litany of morning blessings:

Blessed art you... for not causing me to live in a state or region where people might consider the guy behind this horrifying campaign ad suitable for high office.


He starts by saying he plans to "talk about two serious subjects", then proceeds to shoot a gun at something he dislikes. That's his idea of talking? Then, after promising to do something "extreme" to replace Obama Care with a market-based solution, he tosses a copy of the bill into a wood-chipper. He does realize that we don't repeal laws in this country by shredding them, right?

But the real problem with this ad is not that its been designed to appeal to livestock owners who (likely) have tobacco-stained teeth. No, the real problem is that this ad introduces the threat of violence into what should be a reasonable debate. The message here is do it my way, or look out for me and my absurdly gratuitous collection of guns. Its one thing to be against a particular policy. Using a gun to implicitly threaten the people who support that policy is something else altogether.

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