Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Brutal conservative truths about Israel

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I need to get brutally conservative on you, and it's a truth you won't want to hear.
You know how it's the fault of the poor for being poor, how they make their own problems. You know how we pillory them for welfare abuse as if it will bankrupt the nation; but, at the same time, we reward Wall Street and corporate entities with all kinds of breaks and favorable legislation, and lots and lots of subsidies - and when they really screw up and do great damage and nearly destroy our economy, we give them more money and allow their failed CEOs to get multimillion dollar bonuses.
Well, that's exactly how it works vis a vis Israel and the rest of the world.
Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and Russia are the Wall Street and Corporate world of the Iinternational community.
Compared to them, Israel is the poor person on food stamps.
You see, Saudi Arabia has lots of oil. So does Russia and Iran. And China has a whole lot of money and factories (and plenty of oil and coal to keep those factories running).
Compared to them, Israel doesn't have squat. Sure, there are some factories, and there are tech firms inventing cutting edge stuff. But all that stuff can be made in China, the same way that tech is invented in Silicon Valley and made in China. For all practical purposes, those firms could relocate to California and accomplish the same things.
Face it. Israel is the poor guy and the other guys are the rich guys. In our conservative world system, which has been 30 years in the making, money = speech, money = power, money = rights, and money = RIGHT.
That's why like Wall Street firms could almost sink the economy, and while doing so cripple the US and world economies for years after - and not face any investigations, criminal prosecutions or other legal sanction for their misdeeds. That's why those same firms were even rewarded with more subsidies. That's how the world works when it comes to China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Which means, just like the conservative approach is that if the poor want to be accorded the full rights and privileges that the 53% have, then they should get off their duffs and get a job (and if they already have two jobs, they should get a third or fourth) and become wealthy, the same thing holds true for Israel.
If Israel wants to be treated the same as China, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, then Israel needs to get its act together and get some oil, some money, and some power. Otherwise, they're going to be treated the same way that poor people are treated: with the big Double Standard, and with the good old Blame the Victim tactic.
I know that, for some reason, many conservatives are ardent supporters of the socialist State of Israel, but their doing so undermines the message of earning respect and one's place in the world by accumulating wealth, power, and prestige. As a result, many good conservatives, such as Garnel, make the mistake of thinking that the world is against Israel just because it's Israel, or because it's a Jewish state, or because the world loves the Palestinians. It's none of those things.
It's simply because it has not yet earned the right to be respected and treated equally because it hasn't come up with the required resources, money, and power needed to get those things.
That might sound cold, harsh, and brutal, but that's the way the world works.

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