Monday, January 17, 2011

Why my post about the Lakewood dog and pony show ruffled so many feathers

Tesya explains:
I think the reason Mike & others are pushing back on this one is that they don't see the irony in stating truth that the frum community is just like every community - a few people may be sincere and learned, but the vast majority are into food, sleep, and presumably other physical needs. [DB: And also they many aren't much interested in hearing a scholar deliver a serious Torah lecture and will only turn out in large numbers to greet someone they allegedy consider a demigod if plenty of good food will be served] That is not in itself surprising or bad - but it doesn't pass muster for a community that elevates itself as holy & special.
In short, the emperor has no clothes.

Again, I say the Lakewood dog and pony show has no parralel in the secular world. Secular celebrities draw crowds without offering bribes in the form of food and personal access. In fact they charge admission. When great scholars visit academic communties serious lectures are desired and expected. In Monsey there were no serious lectures and the flyer suggests strongly that crowds could not be counted upon to materialize at free events starring the rock stars of the Yeshiva world without the promise of free food.

Doesn't this lead you to certain obvious conclusions?

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