Thursday, December 02, 2010

Obligatory Israel fire post

I have nothing new to say about this tragedy -- no observations, no new information, nothing.

Yet, some of you think I am required by some kind of blogging law to run a post announcing that there's a fire in Israel. Seriously? Is that why you read this blog? To read things you've already read everywhere else? To find out what you already knew? You can go to genayvah blogs like YWN where they do little else but rip off news items from reputable sources if that's what you want. Or try one of the blogs that have an inside track and really are trying to post new info about the disaster.

As for DovBear, this is my official post on the subject:

It's happening (you knew that) It's horrible (you knew that) I feel bad for all who've lost loved ones (you knew that, too)

Comments are yours if you have something exciting to add.

Search for more information about the fire  at

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