Monday, December 06, 2010

Airing Our Dirty Laundry in the People's Court

A Guest Post By E. Fink

One of absolute worst TV Genres is the Court TV category. You know, the shows with a fake judge, a small claims litigation and wry comentary.

A frum looking couple were guests on the People's Court. Their claim? A dry-cleaner washed a $3000 sheitel in the laundry.

It is pretty embarrassing to see how ineloquently these orthodox Jews speak to the judge. It's also pretty embarrassing to see their quibble with the Hispanic dry cleaners on a nationally syndicated TV Show. I can't see how this was a good idea in the first place.

But that all pales in comparison with the way the case was decided.

(Then tell me what you think... Honest mistake? Fraud? Just plain moronism?) A chillul Hashem of the first order regardless...

HT: Heshy Fried

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