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Earl Theo-idiocy

The mentally-unhinged wing of the Jewish blogosphere has briefly removed their tin-foil hats and solved the mystery of hurricane Earl:
Earl in Hebrew is " ערל" meaning "uncircumcised."

Notice how hurricane Earl is just skirting the edge of the East coast.

It will hit Montauk point. Get it? It is just to nip the tip of Long Island, the uncircumcised edge so to speak of US.

"Fiona," coming up just behind Earl, written in Hebrew means "Phi-Onah" "My mouth answers."

Hashem could be telling Obama "You uncircumcised one, My mouth is answering you!"

Very soon, Mr. President of Edom Ma'arav (The West) you'll be getting it right back in your face.
Barack Obama isn't circumcised? Interesting. What else do the voices in your head have to say? [HH points out that these dopes hold that Barak is a secret Muslim. So why isn't he circumcised?] Also, Phi-Onah is feminine, so the God of these lunatics is a woman.

In support of this nonsense, our pharmaceutically deprived friends are also unwrapping a particularly stinky slice of spam from 2005 which carefully explains via a selective manipulation of facts how God violently punishes innocent Americans whenever Israeli politicians contemplate a peace deal.
Let's take a look at just some of the previous storms and their coincident "peace talks.":

1. October 30, 1991 : The Madrid Conference opens with President Bush pushing Israel to consider a " land for peace" idea. Israel gives away its G-d-given Land to the Arabs for Peace. As this conference begins, the perfect storm develops in the North Atlantic. This storm travels from east to west, creating the largest waves ever recorded in that region and crashes into the New England coast, causing much destruction

2. August 23, 1992 : The Israeli-Arab peace talks move to Washington DC where Israel is again pressured to give up its Land to the Arabs. In Florida at the same time Hurricane Andrew forms-hits South Florida in what becomes the worst natural disaster to ever hit America. Causing $30 billion in damage and leaving 180,000 people homeless

3. January 16, 1994 : President Clinton meets with Syria's president Assad to discuss giving away the Israeli Golan Heights area to the Arabs, within 24 hours a powerful 6.9 earthquake hits Southern california. This quake becomes the 2nd most destructive disaster to hit America besides Hurricane Andrew

4. September 28, 1998 : America once again in meetings with Israel comes up with a plan for Israel to give up some of its West Bank Land( Judah and Samaria) to the Arabs. President Clinton meets with Yasser Arafat to complete this land deal and to discuss declaring a Palestinian State on Israeli land. At the same time, Hurricane George slams into the US Gulf Coast with 110 mile winds. Causing 1 billion dollars damage

5. October 15-22, 1998 : As the Israeli PM and Arafat are meeting at the Maryland Wye River Plantation to promote the same Land for Peace ideas, the State of Texas was hit with severe rain storms, flooding 25% of the State .

6. May 3, 1999 : Yasser Arafat with President Clinton scheduled on this day in Washington DC to declare a Palestinian-Muslim State on Israeli Land with Jerusalem as their Arab Capital. A Powerful Super Tornado system with winds at 316 mph sweeps across the American Mid-West hits hours before the Declaration was to be announced. This natural disaster postponed the announcement till later on in the year

7. October 11, 1999 : Jewish residents in 15 West Bank Israeli towns are evicted from their homes under an American/Israeli agreement. The next day a 7.1 earthquake hits the American Southwest in the fifth most powerful earthquake in the 20th Century

8. September 11, 2001 : at 11am that morning, the American UN Ambassador was to present a final proposed agreement to the United Nations assembly for the establishment of a Palestinian Arab State on Israeli Jewish Land. At 9 am on 9/11/01 terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in NYC, closing down the City and the UN. The proposed agreement was never voted on

9. August 2005 : An American/Israeli plan called Disengagement was put into effect - ripping 9,000 Israeli citizens away from their Jewish homes in the Gaza Strip. These Israelis were made both homeless and jobless because of this action. As these Israeli residents were being forced from their homes, Hurricane Katrina formed in the Atlantic ocean and hit the Gulf Coast- New Orleans. Killing 2,000 residents, and leaving many homeless and jobless. This massive destruction, death, and EVACUATIONS, they are still reeling from (dont forget the Gulf Oil disaster), came within days after the expulsion of 9,000 Jews from Gush Katif.
If you think this nonsense has any value, please double-check the dates and facts provided here using Google; afterwards familiarize yourself with the Sharpshooter's Fallacy. If you still think there might be something to this, I advise you to avoid operating heavy machinery and to seek immediate psychological counseling.

The insanity is rounded out with a terribly bad translation of the Targum
Targum Yonatan ben Uziel (Isaiah 28:18) says, and I quote regarding the End of Days, "Peace with terrorists will not be lasting."
Needless to say the quote is not about the End of Days, nor does it mention terrorists. The passage in Isaiah is speaking of a final judgement for sins. Three verses earlier, in 28:15 we're told כי אמרתם כרתנו ברית את מות ועם שאול עשינו חזה שיט שוטף כי עבר לא יבואנו כי שמנו כזב מחסנו ובשקר נסתרנו׃, which means " You claim (or boast) that you've made a deal with death and with the grave" ie, to cheat it, or to escape punishment. Answers God, in 28:18 via the prophet:  "וכפר בריתכם את מות וחזותכם את שאול לא תקום שוט שוטף כי יעבר והייתם לו למרמס׃"  or that deal you claim you have made to avoid being punished for sins will be annulled, and it will not last.(Its all metaphor.)

Now,  I don't know how we got into our heads that a Targum  is anything but a translation and commentary, but there are those among the weak minded who imagine its also prophecy. In this particular case however the Targum  gives  וּשלָמְכוֹן דְעִם מְחַבְלָא לָא יִתקַייַם, which seems to me to be nothing but a straight translation of the Hebrew. I see no embellishments. You'd have to completely ignore the purpose and goals of the Targum, and entirely strip the verse of all context to make this say "Peace with terrorists will not be lasting."

Unfortunately, this is the sort of game our Jewish simpletons all too frequently play.

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