Thursday, October 16, 2008

Curtains for McCain

Posting on DB's behalf - good grammar and spelling are JS's doing though:

Watching the debate last night, I found myself occasionally being drawn to McCain: he IS an American hero; he DOES have a record of reform; and he WAS among the first to be publicly slimed by that demon, Rove, and his puppet, king Bush. But as soon as I found myself starting to warm to McCain, the old navy man would ruin it by pandering to his slack jaw yokel base of GOP bumpkins, or by stating that Palin is anything but queen of the SJYBOGOPB, or by launching some horrible and easily discredited line of slanderous attack on Obama's record.

As many of you are fond of reminding me, I was an early McCain supporter. The debate reminded me of why this was true, while also reminding me of how he lost my vote. Perhaps DovBear would have voted republican this time around, if only McCain had escaped the temptations of "crazy base land."

Aside: Why won't Obama forcefully slap down the Ayers slander? Why does he give one thoughtful and calm explanation after another, instead of flashing some temper and telling McCain that he, McCain, is a disingenuous liar and we all know it? The idea that Ayers disreputable past has any bearing on Obama's qualifications is absurd anyways. Anyone who knows how politics works and how large fortunes are made knows that there has never been a candidate for president who could boast of spending every second of his time in the presence of altar boys - John Sidney McCain included.

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