Wednesday, December 05, 2007


A revealing exchange from the comment thread of another blog:

A/A: However, there were always a few people [on Areivim] from the RW who consistently espoused views that were extremely off-putting. I used to vigorously debate them, but eventually I just tired of it. They never changed their perspective and always were looking to besmirch anyone "less frum" than they. It became quite clear to me that they were more concerned with taking sides than discussing an issue fairly, and it was pointless to expect them to acknowledge any position that didn't jive with their hashkafa (although I did frequently get emails from various "lurkers" that they appreciated my arguments, so maybe it wasn't entirely pointless). Even after I stopped being frum, I enjoyed reading the discussions on A/A, appreciating the high level of debate which was common there, even though I personally didn't subscribe to the halachic lifestyle. However, the negative viewpoints of certain posters turned me off so much that I decided to drop it entirely. I simply couldn't stomach hearing the condescending, insulting invective that was consistently hurled at people from other communities. It was an absolute turn off. And it still is, every time I see one of those people write a comment on a blog or a letter to the editor. It's still the same, nasty, insulting, holier-than-thou attitude that they used back then. Uch.

Rebbetzin Toby Katz: I've noticed that too, but it's usually the left-wingers, not the right-wingers, who are guilty...

A/A: ...about the invective which you so strenuously deny... I'll just say that your comments often went a long way to leaving a bitter taste in my mouth (and still do).

Neat huh? Following a flat denial that she or her RW friends would ever dream of behaving so badly, the other shoe drops: IT WAS HER. And for what its worth, my own mail indicates that there are quite a few people reading Cross Currents, Areivim and other places where Toby's thoughts appear who feel exactly the same way.

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