Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Faint praise for Huckabee.

I hate to admit it, but I've spent a few minutes today toying with the idea of President Huckabee. Of course, I don't want a god-drunk moron serving as president of the United States, but so far as god-drunk morons go, Huckabee seems ok. If its true that talk radio lies have made it impossible for a Democrat to get elected in this country, we could do worse than Huckabee.

By my lights, he's a better choice then Rudy or Mitwit.

Why I won't vote for Rudy:
(a) He won't shut up about 9/11
(b) He keeps exaggerating his role and his accomplishments, in particular his role and his accomplishments on 9/11
(c) He bashes NYC too much. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like NYC; anyway Rudy is obviously lying when he disparages his city.
(d) He was a decent first term mayor, but his second term stunk.
(e) He cheated on his wife in public, and dumped her on TV
(f) Like our current idiot-president he prizes loyalty and secrecy above competance.

Why I won't vote for Mitwit
(a) He'll say absolutely anything for your vote
(b) His big speech on religion was awful. It regurgitated the two biggest lies of the culture war, the first being that secularists wish to destroy religion; the second being that religions are all more or less the same.
(c) He bashes Massachusetts too much. No loyalty. Very lacking in class.

So that leaves Huckabee, who seems like a decent sort of fellow. If election math means we're going to to get a god-drunk moron anyway why not him?

NOTE: Anyone the Democrats are running is preferable to Huck.

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