Friday, September 21, 2007

Some notes

LUBOVITCH NATION has informed me that Meir Baranes does not represent them, or their point of view. Phew. I've also been shown Chabad's luke-warm reply to the outrageous, kfiradik advert Baranes placed in Yidioth. Still no word, though, on when Chabad plans to expel and renounce their Meshichists. Bmehayva v'Yomaynu we hope.

SOMETHING SEEMS SCREWY at Hirhurim. I keep leaving Gil remorseful and apologetic comments, but they keep disappearing. For instance: Hey Gil! I wrote a comment congratulating Ben on the pure class he showed as a blogger and an editor, especially in the post he wrote about how he fired you. I also conceded that you were right about Reshimu being a professional place--- and you deleted it! Why?

Perhaps Gil is auditioning for a slot at Cross-loving Currents? (That would explain the heavy finger on the delete button.) I mean, it's not like I threw Gil's own words back in his face about how "[Reshimu] will be the central place for Torah, politics and general views. I suggest that other bloggers get on board while they have the chance."

SHUL PRESIDENT is not a high honor in the modern Jewish community. We make him do everything, give him no credit and bad mouth him whenever he makes the slightest error. His only reward is the right to make announcements at the end of services, and in my shul, we're too busy folding out talitot and talking to pay him much mind. That's why I gave the job of president of my fantasy shul to Joe Leiberman. Its one step beneath outhouse scrubber. [Note: My objection to Joe Leiberman is not the objection of most other Jews. Unlike, the typical Boro Park know-it-all who imagines himself a guest in this country, I don't believe that it is presumptuous or dangerous for a Jew to hold high office. I just think its dangerous and presumptuous for Joe Leiberman to hold high office. He's too cozy with the wrong element.]

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