Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, how we enjoy InterGOP sniping

From the Town Crier:

GOPer Thompson slams GOPer Giuliani for going against GOPer Pataki!

Why did Rudy Giuliani, who is asking Republicans to trust his newfound conservative heart, endorse liberal Democrat Mario Cuomo for New York Governor in 1994 over Republican George Pataki? In his own words on this video -- because Pataki wanted to CUT TAXES!

Why would Rudy have a different view on taxes today?

Can you ever imagine Ronald Reagan describing a huge tax cut as a "disaster"?

Is this who the GOP wants to turn the party over to?

Personally I think its absolutely appropriate for the Thompson people to invoke Reagen. Like Reagen (and GWB for that matter) Thompson trades on style, personality, and image. Not ideas or experience. Knowing what I know about the Republican party, I'd say Thompson is a shoo-in if he manages to make people believe that he's a down-home country lawyer, who likes nothing better than to sit on the porch and sip lemmynade and never you mind that, in reality, he's a Washington insider, corporate lawyer, and lobbyist for unseemly causes. GWB, graduate of Exeter and Yale did the same thing. Remember the fake ranch and exaggerated drawl?

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