Monday, July 30, 2007

A taste of England

From an overseas friend:

Here in London the heimishe oilam is very fortunate to have "edgewarek" - this is an internet message posting board restricted to those who have been pre-screened for membership. Occasionally the messages are gems,l ike this one. Feel free to post...
I foresee that this posting may get a very mixed response, but wanted to ask the members of EdgwareK their advice on a potentially controversial matter.

I have read all the Harry Potter books so far, and am very tempted to read the last one. However, in the last book (no 6) there was definitely the beginnings of adolescent behaviour, which made me wonder if it was appropriate reading material.

If anyone has read the last book, I would be very interested to know whether there is any inappropriate activities which take place in it, and whether they think that it is in fact appropriate for a Jewish young lady to read.Thank you so much to anyone who can help.
FWIW there's more kissing and such in book six, perhaps because Harry and co. are too busy saving the world this time around. Still, this is an original worry. Those Heimish Jews on our side of the pond who know what to do with an English book are more concerned with the magic, I think.

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