Thursday, June 17, 2021

Jake Turx Interviews Trump but Did He Seize the Important Opportunity?

Jake Turx's interview with the ex president for his horrible magazine has just been released. Did Turx, the most visible Orthodox Jew in media, take the opportunity to mention to the former president that it was blatant and overt anti semitism when Trump:

Tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton’s face atop a pile of cash next to the Star of David and the phrase, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

Released an ad featuring the faces of powerful Jewish people with a voiceover about them being part of a “global power structure” that has “robbed our working class” and “stripped our country of its wealth

Told a room full of Jews they were "brutal killers" 

Suggested that anyone who votes Democrat is a bad Jew

Appealed to Jewish voters by suggesting all they care about is money and only he could protect their wealth. 

Acted on multiple occasions like Jews are a monolith who care only about money and Israel and that he deserves our loyalty and deference because he promises to protect both

The article is behind a paywall so I can't see for myself but I'm not optimistic.

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