Thursday, July 27, 2017

RW Charlie Gard hypocricy

Elsewhere, Sam Hülsenrath comments in his distinctive style on poor Charlie Gard and the RW Ameri-duh response to his situation.

>be Americorn Christian Republic
>force citizens to spend 17% of their earnings on overall inferior healthcare
>citizens that can't pay usually die or go into crippling debt
>elect slightly more Christian Republicorn government and president
>shut down abortion clinics, withdraw further funding from public healthcare in name of Christian Republicornism
>hear about a brain dead child in another continent having his life support turned off
>scream autistically
>Jesus didn't want us not to shove tubes up the orifices of brain dead children
>president with enough money to pay for treatment for all Americorn childrens' surgeries but has never offered to do so offers to do so for foreign brain dead baby
>Chief Americorn Republic Scientist of Christian Medicine offers to cure the brain dead baby by slowing down the progressive death of his already dead brain
>slowing down has only worked on mice anyway and even then not very well
>Chief Scientist denies difference between human and mouse physiology
>Chief Republicorn Scientist promoted to God's Chief Republicorn Scientist Doctor
>efforts to secure brain dead baby's corpse for further frankensteinesque treatment redoubled
>courts look like giving in
>Chief Republicorn Scientist of God's Right Hand and Jesus' Left Buttcheek wikipedias mice and realises they are not the same as people
>Quickly withdraws offer, claims it's *now* too late to stop the progression of brain death in already brain dead child
>Americorns continue to scream autistically
>Monies and efforts and treatment promised *not* donated to actual suffering Americornlets

Letting "gorgeous" Charlie go is "the hardest thing we'll ever have to do", his parents say.

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