Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump optimism thread.

OK let's conclude day one of the Trump era with some optimism. Reasons for hope include:
  • Zero chance any wall is going to be built, leading to widespread disillusionment for the xenophobes
  • Military still, for the moment, in hands of competent professionals.
  • Obama did none of the evil things everyone on the right said he would do. Precedent?
  • Some Republican Congressmen might have character, backbones and a sense of decency. Maybe. I mean its not 100% impossible.
  • He's old, overweight and already showing signs of befuddlement.
  • He's never promised to do anything bad to those Jewish white people who haven't already pissed him off in some way.
  • That lunatic he put in charge of the EPA this afternoon may, at any moment, decide to respect actual science.
OK.... yeah... agreed. This is weak beer. What are your silver linings?

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