Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Will anyone post something dumber than this on the Internet today?

What requires us to believe that women have more bina and less daas? Is that a new ikkar emunah? Also what tests have been done to confirm the truth of this? And finally actual feminists don't insist men and women are the exact same. They insist that women should be afforded equal rights and opportunities.
Also, the very worst female Olympian in Rio can beat you by a mile. So stands to reason there are women with far less bina and far more daas than you, as well. And if that's the case what do we gain from generalizations that hold back those women and force them into roles to which they are not suited?
Also, as no one really knows what "daas" is it seems pointless to limit women or to deny them opportunity (beyond what the halacha minimally requires) on the basis of that aggadic statement about women having less of it.

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