Monday, November 02, 2015

Propaganda posts

Jews should not be playing the same sort of dishonest games that Palestinians play. An example comes from a post spotted this morning, on MY RIGHT WORD. (see it here)

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Stories of a Fake 'Palestinian' Narrative

Rachel's Tomb, Bethlehem, a century ago:-

[Photo of the Tomb in Ruins]

Notice the heavily populated and constructed Arab town of Bethlehem.

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Clearly the writer is attempting to imply that the Arab town of Bethlehem didn't exist and he is attempting to do this via an out of context photo. In reality, the Arab town of Bethlehem was just down the road, and you can see from this video (shot about 12 years after the photo was taken) that the town was both "populated and constructed"

We object when Arabs tell these types of lies. We should object when Jews do it, too.

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