Friday, May 08, 2015

A little protest action

I'd like to see the sensible Jews push back against this new practice of excluding the photos of female honorees from school dinner invitations.

It's easy to see how this latest frum craziness got started. School administrators are notoriously insecure. Their greatest fear is seeing their institutions labeled "insufficiently frum." Hopping on the latest misogynistic trend is an easy way to shore up your bonafides and, hell,  what's a little female self worth and dignity when you're busy proving how frum you are?

So let's organize a response. Here are some ideas:
  • Social Media Shaming. I'm happy to publish your misogynistic dinner invitations on my blog. Send them over.
  • Send back empty envelopes
  • Send back envelopes containing nothing but a short pithy campaign slogan like, I'll support your institution when you support women. 
  • Send in a cash donation with the faces cut out (via @efink) 

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