Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dumb things yeshivot do

Starting a list of basic, stupid things our schools do wrong. Add your own:

(1) Instead of using email or text they still call at 5 am to let you know school is closed due to snow

(2) The week-off before Pesach. Only helps the teachers at the expense of the parents. We have to work that week. Why don't teachers?

(3) The underlying assumption that both parents aren't working. This is why they tell you to come pick up your kid when he misbehaves. Um... how exactly?

(4) Suffice it to say hardly any of them pay attention to grammar. It sucks when a place I'm paying to educate my children employs people who can't compose an ordinary English sentence - and no one on the administration cares.

(5) The fetishiization of hats. Really, why does every Jewish school deliver the overarching message that hardly anything matters more than davening with a hat?

(6) The "Neshai" Usually a team of bored housewives who have dedicated their lives to nickle and diming the parent body to cover services and extras the kids don't want (or can live without: Really who cares about pizza lunch?) and the teachers don't need. Also, why call it "the Neshai"? Can we pretend to care about the Hebrew language at a Jewish school please.

More as it occurs to me. Add your own.

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