Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Orthodox Judaism: Some Pros and Cons


Our shuls are outstanding fraternal organizations. Like the WASP country clubs, and blue collar animal lodges of old, the synagogue can be a wonderful place to meet like-minded people, network and drum up business.

We look out for each other. Sure, Jew on Jew disagreements can be ugly, but you can count on your  co-religionists to have your back when the argument is with an outsider. As disreputable as, e.g.,  Rubishkan's behavior was, there was something glorious about how so many of us rallied to his cause

Our literary heritage is awesome. Fluency in Hebrew, familiarity with the sages, access to ancient literature -- these are just some of our birthrights. It may not be for everyone, but you appreciate ideas, the typical orthodox Jewish elementary education gets you off to a running head start.

Shabbath can't be beat. Look what it gives us each week:  (1) A rejuvenating technology fast (2)  A semi-formal family dinner (3) ample opportunity to see family and friends; (4) time to study and read (5) a Friday afternoon get-out-of-jail-free card.


Have you ever attempted a critical/historical discussion with an Orthodox Jew? Ugh.

The holidays are grand (see #4 above) but Tishrei can be overwhelming, especially when the feasts all come out on weekdays.

Racism. Its endemic among the Orthodox.

Rebbe worship needs to be stamped out.

More as it occurs to me.

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