Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sloppy Jews are not necessarily friendly Jews

I've often said that there is a sector within Orthodox Judaism made up of people who believe disorder, sloppiness and indifference to detail are synonyms for warmth. In his new article (aptly criticized here our old friend and nemesis, Avi Shafran confirms that I am correct. 

Speaking of the diversity within Orthodox Judaism he says: 

" [of OJ] are defined by the warmth and tumult of their shul services, parts have services that are formal and sedate."

On behalf of those of us who prefer dignity in our shul services, let me  insist that a formal and sedate shul can also be a warm and friendly shul and that unkempt tables littered with last week's leftovers offer no guarantees that the shul that tolerates them is a friendly one.

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