Thursday, February 07, 2013

The cult of Kim Jong Hager

Spotted on Fred's Facebook page:

Translation via one of Fred's readers:

"What should a Vizhnitzer Chusid do first thing when he gets up in the morning, after he says Moyde Ani?
What am I going to do today to honor heaven [=God] and to honor Vizhnitz?

"And what does a Vizhnitzer child say right after Moyde Ani?
Good morning to the holy Rebbe, he should be healthy and strong!"

"Dear children, we are here in Elad, and the holy Rebbe is in Bnei Brak; he hears when we say good morning to him?

Of course, as the holy Ahavas Yisrul said to Reb Nachmen Tzitzismacher: 'When they say Git Shabbes to me, I answer Git Shabbes."

Search for more information about Kim Jong Il, Supreme Leader of North Korea, and Menachem Mendle Hager, rebbi of Merkaz Chasidi Viznitz of Benei Brak  

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