Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Comment of the Day: What it REALLY means to "support Israel"

Lost in Translation comments:

[DovBear]I'm hard pressed to remember a single instance of Obama siding with the Arabs. What are you talking about?

In RW speak, a politician saying that some of the grievances expressed by the Palestinians might have merit and should be addressed equals complete "siding with the Arabs" and throwing Israel under the bus so that it can be utterly destroyed and the Jewish people expelled from the region.

The above is doubly true if the politician is a Democrat.

Please note, however, that it doesn't work the other way. If a politician is in favor of more aid, weapons, and intelligence, it doesn't automatically translate into meaning that politician is siding with Israel. It is party dependent.

If the politician is Republican, then said politician is one of Israel's greatest friends, someone who has demonstrated a deep and abiding love for Israel and has shown that the bond between the two countries is unbreakable and will be defended at all costs. (The above description is also valid for any Republican politician who is seen wearing an Israeli flag lapel pin, has an Israeli flag in their office, has ever said that they like or support Israel, has ever mentioned the word Israel, or who has ever spoken to a meeting of a Jewish organization - regardless of if the organization or meeting has anything to do with Israel and Isael's national defense, aid, or security concerns.)

If the politician is a Democrat, then it is brushed aside because, "it's the easiest thing in the world to just cast a vote," and "Congress is overwhelmingly pro-Israel, so voting for aid to Israel is a completely risk-free vote, almost everyone does it, so it doesn't mean anything and it doesn't necessarily show support for Israel." (Likewise, "anyone can wear an Israeli flag, have a flag on their desk, speak to a Jewish organization, etc. it doesn't mean a thing.")

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