Monday, March 15, 2010

Attention Obama haters: How are you worse off?

Obama haters are fond of insisting that the new president has shipwrecked the country, with one friend recently calling him a "disaster".  I don't see how. Here's what a ten second review of the world and my place in it has revealed

My life is exactly as it was 15 months ago. I live in the same house. I make about the same amount of money. The kids are as well provided for as ever. No disaster there.

Streets are as safe as ever. Taxes are where they always were. The country is on the verge of passing historic health care reform, and though this may turn out badly, its too soon to tell. It might also turn out great. For now I'm content to wait and see what happens. No disaster there either.

The world seems about as dangerous as it ever was. Certainly no more, and maybe a bit less now that the US is attempting to appeal to moderate Arabs. But maybe not. Israel is carping, but really, why should I care? The US isn't ever going to hand Israel over to the wolves, and I don't see anything wrong with asking Israel to earn the billions in dollars of aid it receives. The US has interests, too, and when they don't happen to coincide with Israel's interest there's going to be a little tension. That's happens in any relationship, but ultimately, the two countries need each other and like each other. If Israel disagrees with something Obama requests, Israel can say no (again), and I assure you nothing bad will happen. Both Bushes put so-called pressure on Israel, too, and when Israel rejected the demands life went on. Score: No disaster.

Your turn
If your life has gotten measurably worse over the last year, and you can credibly blame it on Obama, I'd like to know the details.Tell me in the comments, or submit a guest post.

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