Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gutsiest P'sak since Rav Moshe z"l Passed?

By the Bray of Fundie

At last, another posek with "braita plaitzehs"= the "broad shoulders" i.e the combination of impeccable scholarship and fearlessness required to issue a controversial ruling.

Rav Zalman Nechenia Goldberg shlit'a was matir (permitted in a Halakhic responsum) surrogate motherhood. I have not seen the responsum and don't know the details but it is very encouraging to see a Kharedi Posek confront a 21st century medical Technology. This is especially so inasmuch as this issue reverberates with obvious thorny bio-ethical issues as well as issues of of tznius and yikhus . In an atmosphere where mixed gender buses or photographic depictions of females are taboo this ruling comes as a veritable hurricane of fresh air.

IIRC the learned Halakhic discussion about surrogate motherhood begins, oddly enough, by analyzing Midrashei Aggadah.

In Bereshis 30:21 the birth of Dinah is described. Rashi ad locum quoting a Midrash says that, aware that there would only be 12 tribes born to Yaakov and that she was pregnant with another boy, Leah prayed that her sister Rakhel not be humiliated by giving birth to fewer than two tribes. And , in answer to her prayer, an in utero sex-change of the fetus took place. However the Targum Yonoson ad locum says that an angel swapped the two fetuses (Rakhel was then pregnant with a girl). Such that Yoseph was conceived by Leah but developed and carried to term by Rakhel while Dinah Yoseph was conceived by Rakhel but developed and carried to term by Leah.

Much is made about Momma Rakhel crying for us again. But thanks to this landmark p'sak by Rav Goldberg the prayer of Momma Leah will pay dividends to the end of time saving countless Jewish women from the pain and humiliation of infertility.

Of interest as well.

Search for more information about suurogate motherhood at 4torah.com.

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